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Amy Bakes Bread in the Bleubird Kitchen

Joining us in the Bleubird kitchen on February 25th is talented local baker, Amy Coyne of Amy Bakes Bread. If you attended Amy's Sourdough bread workshop with us last month or follow her on social media, you know Amy is masterful at the delicate art of sourdough bread-making. Her last workshop was such a success, we invited her back to our spacious and inviting kitchen to teach an Artisan Sourdough Pizza workshop.

Amy has made a name for herself by sharing her sourdough tips and tricks and is also the mother of the Georgetown-famous Moe's Bake Shop kids. Amy's love of food, and especially bread, came from tasting foods and her experiences of living all over the world. When she moved to Georgetown in 2011, she found it hard to find good, gourmet breads, including her favorite, sourdough, so she began experimenting with recipes to make her own.

Amy says she is always learning and creating new unique recipes with sourdough like cinnamon rolls, cookies, and pizzas. She loves working with sourdough specifically because of the health benefits it offers. Sourdough is made from naturally fermented yeast which means gluten and sugars are naturally broken down, making it more easily digested and lower of the glycemic index. Sourdough is full of nutrients, protein and vitamins so it actually promotes healthy digestion and healthy aging as well as lowers the risk of chronic disease.

Amy has a background in teaching, and while she's no longer working in a classroom, her passion for educating others is still there. She says baking is a science that can be very intimidating to people. She created her website, Amy Bakes Bread, in 2020 to share her process, recipes, and knowledge with others. It's her goal to mentor, answer questions, and share tips so that anyone can feel confident enough to make their own bread and try new recipes.

With Amy's baking talents and passion for teaching, the Bleubird is a perfect venue for her to demonstrate and share with others. The Bleubird offers an open and inviting large kitchen space, big enough for a crowd. You can join Amy in the Bleubird kitchen to learn how to make Artisan Sourdough Pizza on February 25th. You'll have the opportunity to create pizza with Amy while enjoying samples and learning more about the art of sourdough and gourmet pizza making.

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