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After 32 years of living in Manhatten, Jane Drake Hale decided she was ready for a change. Wanting more green space and a quieter lifestyle, she moved to Georgetown, KY where she spent summers as a child. Her family has owned land in Georgetown for generations, so she knew she wanted to give back to the community that meant so much to her heritage. She created Bleubird Studio + Suites with the goal of providing a place where culture and community come together. It was her vision that made the Bleubird come to life. The Bleubird officially opened for business in September of 2019 and quickly became known for the gallery, featuring local artists, and the wide variety of yoga and pilates classes. Unfortunately, the pandemic slowed business down for quite a while and limited what the Bleubird could offer the community. Jane didn’t let that stop her though, and her vision burns brighter than ever as the impact the Bleubird has on the community continues to grow. The Bleubird offers a place for local artists to showcase their work, stunning venue options for events, classes and photoshoots, two luxury guest suites, and a gorgeous yoga and pilates studio filled with natural light. The Bleubird’s story is just beginning.

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