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Featured Artist: Trace Deaton

Talented musician-turned-photographer, Trace Deaton, will be the next local artist featured in the Bleubird Gallery. Join us for an Open House at the Bleubird for his gallery opening on Saturday, September 30th from 4:30-8PM. Enjoy some tasty hors d’oeuvres and complimentary prosecco while you view his stunning photography. You may even get a chance to meet the charismatic artist himself!

While Deaton enjoys photographing a wide range of subjects, anything from models to landscapes to creating abstract digital art, we will be featuring a collection which he refers to as “farmhouse chic.” His subjects are not the kind that can be asked to pose or even take any direction at all. Birds, roosters, cows, horses and barns will all be featured in the gallery. Somehow, Deaton turns farmhouse animals into models. His photographs are captivating, bold, and full of color. He has framed these photographs in the most unique and beautiful way -- he uses hundred-year-old reclaimed tin from old barn roofs to frame the photographs, making each frame one of a kind. He says the years of erosion, rain, paint, and wind create unique patterns that he finds beautiful and could never be recreated artificially.

Deaton grew up in Northern Kentucky, but he was the opposite of a country boy. He wanted to be a musician and left for LA shortly after graduating high school. He had a successful music career and traveled extensively before getting into photography more seriously. He says it is the irony of his life that he settled down in Kentucky and photographs barns and farmhouse animals when he fought so hard to leave all that behind in his youth. He claims he is not a farm guy or one with nature but that he sees the beauty in all things and has an ability to capture that in a photograph.

Inspired by fashion magazines, he began his successful photography career photographing models and has been published in numerous magazines. After moving to Colorado, he began taking more landscape photography, and after visiting his daughter in Kentucky, he saw the country in a new light and began photographing the beauty that he saw in animals and nature.

Deaton doesn’t take life too seriously. He’s full of humor and charm and says he knows how blessed he is. Life always seems to work out for him because he believes it will. Deaton has the ability to share his positive outlook on life through his art and the emotions it expresses. He says he never felt more pride and accomplishment as when St. Joseph's Hospital purchased some of his landscape art to hang in cancer patient's rooms. They specifically chose his work because of the calming effect it has on the viewers.

Deaton is a true creative soul. Between writing songs, playing music, photography, videography and digital art, he never stops creating. When asked how he comes up with all his creative ideas, he says he has no idea where they come from, but he never seems to run out of them. Come experience his art for yourself at his gallery opening. We are sure you will be as captivated as we are.

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