Creativity has alwys flowed from the mind of Trace Deaton ever since he can remember. Starting as a musician and later developing a love for photography, Deaton has been creating and displaying his art for over 30 years. That continues March 6 with an exhibition at the Bleubird Studio in downtown Georgetown from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“This exhibit is going to be; well, it’s going to be half photography and half of my playful design work that I do,” said Deaton. “I’ve got a vision of every other piece being very different from the last.”

Deaton’s work is, as he says, true to Kentucky with pictures of the various animals and landscapes that make up our area displayed on reclaimed barn wood or tin. 

No-contact entry. Lots of space, inside and out. (Social distancing, you know.) Stunning views. Beautiful, calming interior surroundings. A place to prepare meals. A place for peace and quiet – but with activity and a variety of dining options nearby.

Bleubird Studio is all this and more. 

Travelers venturing out for the first time in several months have a whole list of must-haves on their checklist. Because, well . . . pandemic.

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