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History of Bleubird's Land

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

The Bleubird sits on what used to be the site of John Graves Memorial Hospital in Georgetown. Mrs. John B. Graves undertook the initiative to finance the construction of a hospital in Georgetown after the passing of her beloved grandson, John Graves Ford, in a Lexington hospital. Recognizing the necessity for accessible medical care within the Georgetown community, she was driven by the desire to prevent further losses of life and ensure that the Georgetown area had a local healthcare facility. The John Graves Ford Memorial Hospital was built in 1917 with later additions in 1952 and 1972. The hospital was in service until 1984 when the new Georgetown Community Hospital opened.

The building was purchased in 1985 and converted into office spaces. However, the building was not well taken care of and was closed by 1999. There were plans to renovate the building into an assisted living facility, but due to the overwhelming costs of renovation, the project was never completed and the building was abandoned. It sat abandoned for many years, drawing in thrill seekers who thought they may see a ghost within the dilapidated walls. Once a pillar of the community, the former hospital was demolished in 2007.

The land sat empty until it was purchased by Jane Drake Hale, and The Bleubird was built in 2019. When you look towards the Bleubird from the street, you can still see the original hospital steps that were built back in 1917. Many of the Bleubirds patrons reflect back to when they were born in the Georgetown hospital and are happy that the property still serves the community.

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