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Bleubird Studio, located in the historic, downtown Georgetown, Kentucky, is a blended home to all levels and styles of yoga and pilates. The Bleubird Studio community and art gallery will display art from different artists and mediums.


*Parking all day Monday-Friday 4pm – 8 am, and all day Saturday & Sunday at Quest Connect, located to the right of Bleubird Studio.

Bleubird Studio

About Us

My hopes for Bleubird Studio is to be a “Bleubird Community” with like-minded, strong people who build a bond through enduring life… whether that be happiness, loss, doubts, success or failures. Good communities lift each other up during all kinds of times, including the trying times where we have to reach deep for the strength within ourselves and our tribes to find our way out.

– Jane Drake Hale



Bleubird Studio offers many levels of classes in yoga and pilates, as well as weights. With the art studio, we are sure you will find something to your liking at our boutique studio. 


Pilates mat classes focused on the core choreographed to pop music. An uplifting and lively class. A great way to have fun in your workout!


Bleubird also offers classes for those who like a little challenge with weights. 



Bleubird offers many styles and many levels of yoga all week long!

Art Studio

Bleubird wants to bring art to you. Local artists will be feautured in the Bleubird Studio for your pleasure. 

Bleubird Events

Charcuterie Board Workshop

Sunday, November 12th at 2 p.m., in the Bleubird Kitchen 

Please call Jane for reservations! 502-642-5125

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