Never stop learning. This is something Kathy Wood, artist, believes. “I don’t think you ever learn all there is to learn in one medium,” she said.

And she seems to learn from different mediums as well. “I watch quite a bit of YouTube, I read books, and I really enjoy that as well,” she said. Meaning the learning part of art.

Always having an interest in art, Wood didn’t really pursue her love until she was almost retired. “The last five years before retirement, I happen to find a teacher for art giving private lessons. I started out in pencil, then I decided that I really like color and wanted to add some color,” she said.

After switching to a private teacher in pastels for about 4 months, Wood heard of another who was teaching water color. “That teacher knew all about water color, oil and acrylic. It became more of a social group, too,” she said.

The group did art together for seven or eight years. “It was so fun as a group,” she said. “We would bring our art and draw what we wanted, and my favorite was horses,” she said.

Always loving horses and having owned horses, Wood became interested in painting them. “I like the pretty ones, and I like to paint a close up of their eye or face,” she said. “But I like to paint flowers, birds, hummingbirds, as well as dogs and cats,” she said.

The different topics and different mediums really keep Wood interested in what she is doing. “When I get tired of one, I switch to another medium,” she said. “But I am always looking for ways to get better. And I think it is difficult to critique your own work,” she said. So, she leaves it for a day or so and comes back to it with fresh eyes.

“Sometimes you do get stumped,” she admitted, especially on human portraits for Wood.

“They are more difficult. When I finish and it doesn’t look dead on, I find it to be a failure. It is something I would like to learn to do, but it will take lots of practice,” she said.

But despite the practice needed, Wood continues to do so. “It is a creative outlet. I love art because you have a way to express and use your creativity. And I just have that need,” she said.