Be true to yourself. We have all heard this saying, but Chef Rodney truly believes in this. “Just cook your own stuff. I wouldn’t own this restaurant if I hadn’t done something right,” he said. Especially after working under many different chefs, Chef Rodney has found his own way and stuck to it. 

“I learned traveling around to other restaurants that I needed to stick to my guns,” he said. And he has. Due to this philosophy, Rodney’s on Broadway has been rated number one in fresh seafood in the state of Kentucky through RedBook Magazine and OpenTable, an app found online for rating restaurants and for reserving tables at the participating restaurants. “I am also number three in hot places to buy a steak according to OpenTable. And that includes Lexington,” he said.

Rodney’s doesn’t just offer a great meal, but also offers a great atmosphere. “I think I have a neat venue because the house was built in 1840… Abraham Lincoln could have walked through here!” Rodney said. At any given time, you can also hear Chef Rodney playing a piano through those beautiful rooms that happens to be a family heirloom. “You can see my wife’s teethmarks in it from her childhood,” he laughed. Who knows, maybe the notes come out a little sweeter because of those teethmarks!

Chef Rodney has spent his life in the kitchen, even finding the love of his life through one. “I asked her to try some lamb, not knowing she didn’t eat much meat, and as I sat down, my knee touched hers.. and there was like a SHOCK!” He said. “She didn’t like the lamb, but I invited her to come have dinner with me for New Years and here we are,” he said. 

His wife’s artwork decorates the restaurant, along with other artwork through Rodney’s travels and interest. Something that truly adds to the atmosphere of the antebellum house. The house, once a home to someone, signifies hard work and dedication. “As a chef, I am not an executive and conductor, I’m actually the guy shoveling the coal into the engine. You have an experienced chef actually doing the cooking!” He said. And he loves to do it… “It saves me from the work hours. It has kept me healthy, and it is good to have stress,” he said. Something all good chefs experience. 

Learn Chef Rodney’s tricks in the great atmosphere of the Bleubird Kitchen one Sunday a month, also enjoy Elizabeth’s art sprinkled throughout Bleubird Art Studio! Call Jane at 502-642-5125 for details and reservations.