Be mindful of others, so they say as you are growing up. Treat others as you would want to be treated. But what about yourself?  Before one can treat others with kindness, one must learn how to treat themselves with kindness.” Steve said. “Before my first Mindfulness workshop, I was in a bad place.  It changed my life for the better,” he said.


Not only was Steve a better listener because of his Mindfulness practice, but also a better manager. “I became a calmer resource,” he said. “I learned to sit back and ask myself how I can coach them to learn from the problem.”


His Mindfulness practices helped him to be promoted from sales manager to general manager because of what he learned, said Steve. “When we are mindful, we can take a step back and observe,” he said. “It intensifies relationships by creating space to be more patient in recognizing triggers in others and ourselves,” he said.


Steve has been certified in teaching Mindfulness and Meditation since 2019. “The president of my ‘day job’ first introduced me to it almost ten years ago and it resonated,” he said. “Following that, I started reading on my own, taking more classes on my own, and began sharing with direct reports at work and eventually started teaching outside of work.”


Mindfulness is about paying attention to what is happening in the present moment without judgement. “We spend more of our time in the past or possible futures.  We get filled with regret when we do that, as well as anxiety,” he said. “This is proven to negatively impact your immune system,” he said.


Certain Mindfulness exercises have been boost the immune system, Steve said. “In a matter of days, you can boost certain protein markers, which can boost your immune system” he said.


But Mindfulness is ultimately about improving our lives. “Mindfulness gets us engaged. It allows our best selves to show up and gets us out of that pattern of regret and anxiety,” he said. “We are healthier and happier!”