Ever felt right at home? Right where you’re supposed to be? Well, that is how Margie Rigney feels doing her art right here in Georgetown, Kentucky. And we hope that is how you will feel when you come and view her exhibit at Bleubird Studio located in downtown Georgetown. 

Rigney has been an artist for as long as she can remember, always drawing or doodling, learning different mediums from her mother who was an illustrator in the 1940s. “As I got older I just kept trying new things until I found a medium that suited me and I kind of settled in with painting,” Rigney said.

“Oil and Water” The Varietal Works of Margie Rigney is just that, a collection of paintings she painted using oils and water. But there is more to it than that. “I thought of that title because I use oil paints, acrylics (water based paints) and Inks…and also because oil and water are a contrast and I am going to be doing some vibrant color work alongside some Sepia pieces,” she said. 

This will be a collection of work that has never been shown before, and will have a variety of sizes as well. “Sometimes I think in colors or use colors to convey emotions and my hopes are these colors will bring a a cooling soothe to anyone passing through the gallery,” Rigney said, especially during these uncertain times. 

Rigney hopes her art will help sooth some uncertainty, while also having an opportunity for interaction. “We are living in unprecedented times of stress, as an Artist, I feel it is my responsibility to lessen some of that chaos and add a calmness to the world in my own small way. So my hope is that when people visit, and interact with my Works, that they can find what I call “Pockets of Peace” here and there and leave with a little healing,” she said.

So, if you need a little healing and want to feel peace at home, come check out Margie Rigney’s work at Bleubird Studio.