Bringing Peace Through Yoga

During these uncertain times, staying calm and collected is hard to do. And for some, it is hard to do under normal circumstances. “I am definitely not a calm and peaceful person, but yoga has helped with that,” said Betty Wooten, instructor and substitute yoga teacher at Bleubird Studio in Georgetown, Kentucky. “Yoga has changed the way I think about and move through life,” she said.

Betty believes and has seen how yoga helps throughout one’s life, not just while on the yoga mat, but during stressful times in life. “It doesn’t matter if you can be calm, peaceful and strong on your mat, but it matters if you can be that way in a 45-minute line at Kroger. Now that is the payoff,” she said.

Yoga changes you physically and mentally said Betty, and she loves trying to bring that concept to others. “Yoga saves my sanity. And I want to give that peace to others,” she said. “I want to help people find what I did in yoga.”

Betty found yoga during a bad time in her life but finds refuge in her practice. “It is hard to explain, but if you do the practice, it will bring peace and sanity for you, too,” she said.

Betty has been teaching yoga for about 10 years, mostly at her church where she was featured in Yoga Journal highlighting a series of unusual yoga classes. She and her daughter found yoga together after Betty’s husband died. “It helped me come out on the other side,” she said.

Currently a neighbor to Bleubird Studio, Betty regularly fills in when other teachers can’t make it. “I believe yoga should be fun and I try to bring that to every class I teach.”

Betty is a regular substitute yoga teacher at Bleubird, placing her in front of classes she is unfamiliar with, but loves the challenge of teaching. “I have to meet them at the mat,” she said. “I don’t really know others’ levels until we get started, so a lot times I am adjusting as we go along,” she said.

Tailoring the class to different skill levels is a challenge that Betty accepts, “I have a general outline and point of emphasis that usually begins during the breathing time but as far as specifics, I never know who is going to be there,” she said. “But I adapt and try to give one-on-one attention to each person,” she said.

Teaching yoga allows Betty to bring her positive attitude and her love of her practice to others. “We are all beginners. Everyday we begin our yoga practices. And yoga helps us navigate our daily changes,” she said.