Bleubird Studio is bringing a new show, but this time it’s a pairing of two women who have found healing in their art and each other. “Beauty for Ashes” is a show that expresses Anne Leader’s and Annie Brady’s ability to see beauty in imperfection. The ladies take art from the ashes and bring it to you in different forms, something they have had to do in their personal lives as well. 

Taking beauty from a difficult time is hard to do. But these two beautiful women have done just that. Anne Leader and Annie Brady are pairing together as women, friends and artists to bring art… something that continues to save them both during a difficult time, they said.

Although we have two very different lives, and two very different styles,” said Anne Leader. “ We are drawn  and have a similar drive, and are more interested in the process than we are the product,” she said.

The process is what heals them. They are not fixated on perfection. “There is something about certain kinds of things that tests your relationships and the process gives you a contemplative place about life,” Anne Leader said. “We are not daunted by the idea of taking chances,” she said.

There is no disappointment in their art either, says Annie Brady. “We don’t grieve. We turn it into something else,” Annie Brady said. “The image it creates is more important. I will create an imagine with it even if it’s broken,” she said.

Both ladies are on the mend and use mending in their art. “When you go through a trauma and you aren’t the way you were before; but in the mending, you add a preciousness to the original,” Anne Leader said. “We use things that are broken as is and we say something different through the mending,” Leader said.

Mending and creating is something these ladies will continue to do. “As long as you keep fighting, keep working, and keep learning and interacting, as well as keep a great attitude, you can keep working and creating,” said Annie Brady.

Creating allows for more conversations and more connecting. “What we hope is that someone will look at what we have done and the art will resonate. We don’t need them to know what we are thinking, we are interested in others’ interpretation,” Anne Leader said. “And we want to get the dialogue going instead of someone just thinking about it,” Annie Brady said.

When: November 29, 2019, 11 am – 3 pm

Where: Bleubird Studio, 427 W Main Street

What: “Beauty for Ashes” Art Show