Being the light seems to be a recurring theme in Rachel’s life. Surviving a health scare, she has found bringing the light to others brings her much joy and happiness within. “Whether that looks like leading a yoga or mediation class, helping other’s with their nutritional needs, explaining essential oils or simply loving someone where they’re at that day, each opportunity is a chance to be the light,” she said.
Bringing the light also means a positive attitude! Rachel definitely encompasses this positivity in her life. “The best way to ensure that you have an awesome day starts by choosing to have an awesome day,” she said. How beautiful.

Being the light takes energy and within that energy, Rachel finds her motivation in others. “Knowing there are so many people who are just a few breaths away from a better day and a healthier life motivates me to spread the message of the mind-body-spirit connection,” Rachel said.

“And I am just really excited to see where my relationship at Bleubird goes!” she said.
Starting yoga at 14, Rachel was first drawn to the “cool postures” and the benefits to her equestrian life. But it later became much, much more! “As a daily practice developed, I been to experience the deeper connection that lie within yoga and was drawn into a deeper understanding, and ultimately a passion to share with others!” she said. A passion she wants to share at Bleubird.