As a yoga teacher, Rhett is best known for his authentic and smooth flowing sequence based classes. He
first tried yoga 20 years ago, as a means to increase his flexibility for rock climbing. Around 2012 he
revisited yoga, in an attempt to find relief from the stress and anxiety of raising an ASD son. This
commitment to yoga did more than just help relieve his stress, it transformed his life. Rhett obtained an
RYT in 2017, with certification from White Crow Yoga of Nashville TN. He is now working to merge yoga,
mindfulness and the healing power of vibration, to offer movement and sound meditation workshops.
He put aside his lifelong vocation as a woodworker to journey the path of health and wellness and hopes
to help others experience the same benefits that yoga presented to him. Rhett is a stay at home father
and when he is not caring for his young daughter or cultivating yoga, he can be found in his woodshop,
crafting sound therapy instruments, some of which he plays for his students during savasana.