Empathy is what started Jane’s journey to share her fitness passion with others. After suffering from severe pain from past injuries and then seeing the amazing results of the pilates and yoga practice, Jane couldn’t help but feel empathetic to others in pain, enough empathy to motivate her to help others. “Helping others is so rewarding to me. I am so proud to be able to professionally share my many years of practicing and studying Pilates with other students whose bodies will no longer feel compromised,” Jane said. 
After returning to Georgetown after 32 years in Manhattan, Jane can’t wait to share Bleubird studio and her practice with those who want to better themselves. “What better place to start bringing the most uplifting experience of my life to others than in my hometown of Georgetown, Kentucky?” Jane said. “Not only will I share a practice with others, but I hope to help expand the cultural footprint in this area,” she said.