I just got home from book club. Guess what the book was about?


It seems to be all around me, calling me, building around me. And it seems like the familiar feeling at book club was inclusiveness…or lack thereof. This was a roomful of women LOOKING for community. It blew me away that so many beautiful, intelligent, lovely women felt excluded from a community, and all for different reasons.

As I unpack and start building up the community of “staff”, I can’t help but think about how proud I am of the spectrum of talent, style and personalities of this community of teachers here at Bleubird. And I can’t stop thinking about those women and how much I hope Bleubird becomes a place for ALL people. Together.

It has been astounding to watch this group of teachers “flock” together and become such an exciting part of the Bleubird Community. I can’t wait to start introducing you all to them one by one and building a community around them and Bleubird. I hope Bleubird will be a place where people can “travel” away from the noise of life and meet with their people for a class, or a cup of coffee.

Bleubird is a hopeful place of community for all and a place where all levels of artist, fitness levels, and ages will be able to search for “their people”.