If pilates is known for one thing, it is known for increasing the strength of your core muscles, something that is important for personal balance and strength. I see this as a parallel to what Bleubird has to offer to our community… a place to strengthen AS a core group of people who are here to support one another.

Think about it. What happens when your core is weak? Hips get out of whack and your back aches and when that happens, nobody is happy. What is the phrase any trainer repeats over and over? “Make sure your core is tight!” Your core muscles are at the center of your health, and I only hope Bleubird will be at the center of your quest for health and strength.

I have always been intrigued by pilates and the amazing amount of strength one can achieve working the smaller muscles of the human body. The smaller muscles are key to the bigger muscles working properly and for an overall balanced strength. I hope Bleubird will be at the core of the community’s physical, emotional and spiritual health.