Good communities are built with strength. Strength in numbers, strength in like-mindedness, and strength in confidence among the members. Some of the best communities I have seen are all built around strength of different kinds, and that is something I hope for the Bleubird Studio community.

My hopes for Bleubird Studio is to be a “Bleubird Community” with like-minded, strong people who build a bond through enduring life… whether that be happiness, loss, doubts, success or failures. Good communities lift each other up during all kinds of times, including the trying times where we have to reach deep for the strength within ourselves and our tribes to find our way out.

I think we can all identify with the saying “It takes a village.” I really feel that is true for raising children, as well as supporting fellow adults through life. I have built and literally designed the studio as a community gathering place where we can all meet to support one another. Whether it be smaller groups within a larger group, or a class as a whole, I feel Bleubird will be a gathering place for a tribe of people who simply want to be supported and to help support others and to celebrate others!

As I pull up to the studio on a daily basis, I take a deep breath. It is relaxing to me to see my home being built in such a community that has supported me through difficult times and has embraced me coming back after many years in Manhattan. It rejuvenates me  and brings joy to my soul to know I can potentially share my home and my happiness with people daily and hopefully become a place people call “home”.