In Sanskrit, “Prana”, meaning, “life-force”.
They say, “If you are consciously breathing, you are doing yoga!”

It is something we all do without thinking… an involuntary action that we take for granted.
We want and need that life-force power of a conscious ‘cool-fresh-deep inhale’ breath, with a large audible exhale. One can sense their exhale as a release of inner toxins.

In yoga we call this breathing style the, ‘‘cleansing breath’.
In a Hatha yoga class we generally start, or end, a session with three audible community cleansing breaths. We may teach different breathing techniques, called “pranayama “.

Ancient yoga introduced the refreshing, healing ways of a deep breath, as well as other benefits, but the breath is such a focus of yoga. We move with our breath. Each posture, “asana “, is cued with an inhale or exhale.
With proper breathing, you can find your core, balance, and even quiet the mind. Clearing your mind of ruminations, de-stressing, relaxing and power building at the same time.
Or, used as a precursor to meditation.

As Bleubird Studio has gone through the many stages of production, one of the many things I am excited about is finally having a quiet, open, comfortable place to breathe.
Looking forward to sharing this sanctuary space with like-minded community.

There will be many forms of yoga at Bleubird, as there are many styles, but the benefits are primarily the same as you commit yourself to the practice. Over time, learning to breathe will increase your lung capacity, improving physical strength, but also, improving emotional strength.

There is a place for every person at every level, and we look forward to helping those ease into this wonderful practice.

At Bleubird, we want to be that safe place for you to grow in your practice, relieve some of the emotional distress in your life. We are an open, warm and safe place to breathe and just be…