Art As A Science

It is said that viewing art increases empathy, tolerance and the feeling of love. How powerful is that? How powerful is it to show empathy to others, to not judge others for being different than ourselves, and to feel love in your heart? There isn’t a more powerful emotion than love in my book. Love can move mountains… love can change the world.

At Bleubird, art will be all around us. Art will be a part of our growing community. I look forward to inviting artists of all mediums to show their powerful works of art and to hopefully spread love and the power love can bring to us as individuals and a community.

Art Inspiration

I am hopeful that being surrounded by art will also spark inspiration to create art. It is said that creating art decreases stress and boosts self esteem. What a better package than creating art and bettering our physical bodies through exercise and meditation? Oh, the dreams I have to be a safe, all-encompassing place where we can all grow and love.