Feeling connected and feeling strong has always been important to me, and what better way to feel connected than to open my home to artists of all kinds?

Being so connected to wellness, it only comes natural to want to share this with others. I have always enjoyed being fit, but found the restorative and healing side of Pilates very calming and therapeutic. So calming and therapeutic in fact, that I decided to become an instructor to help others reach their physical potential. I look forward to sharing this love with others as Pilates will be available at Bleubird Studio.

Yoga also brings a sense of connectedness and wellness. With so many styles of yoga, I look forward to bringing the talents of many instructors to Bleubird Studio so everyone can find a style that allows them to flourish. Holy Yoga to Hatha Yoga. There will be a style for everyone to identify with, allowing you to reach your ideal physical potential.

Art also allows me to feel connected. I wanted to incorporate an art gallery to allow others to fully express themselves visually. The perfect art studio for working would have north light so the artist’s vision is pure. It will be like Bleubird Studio; a fresh, open and inviting space that encourages all to be at their most creative.