After 32 years of life in busy Manhattan, it feels good to be in a place I call home.
I grew up here in the summertimes. Remembering East Main St, extended, when it was a dirt road. Remembering when there was no bypass, no Walmart, and so much more.
My Scott County family roots go back generations.
Relocated here a couple of years ago to care for my ailing Dad. He was an active part of the Georgetown community, something I always admired.
As I settle into Georgetown permanently, I find myself so at ease here. Taking a lot of comfort in this community, as it opened its arms.
Creating a sense of belonging, and creating a sense in me, wanting to give back.
As I settle in Georgetown, I have been looking for an opportunity to garden, aside from the family farm. A place to call my own! A place to put my hands in the dirt, and to be closer to the bluegrass horse pastures that I remember fondly when growing up. When I spotted the “old hospital” property for sale, I knew it was right for me and my dreams for Georgetown. It spoke to me.
Bleubird Studio is three blocks from the charming, and growing downtown, however, still a part of the countryside.. perfect for what I had in mind… not that I really knew exactly how to implement what I had in mind, until the land was acquired and things started falling into place.
I always had a dream, goals, and a vision in mind. The land on W Main St would facilitate making them come alive.
Not only do I see Bleubird Studio as an art gallery and a boutique fitness studio, but I see it as an opportunity to build healthy, like-minded community ties. I don’t just want Bleubird Studio to be a home to me, but I want it to be a home to many.
As my dream is being built at 427 West Main Street, my vision for sharing “art” only grows. Visual expression is important to me, as being a Pilates instructor is very visual as I am trained to observe the body and its alignment. There are many forms of art and I look forward to starting an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the creativity that abounds here in Scott County. Bluebird Studio is simply a platform for all those who are willing to come and express themselves. All ages, all skill levels, all mediums will have a place here at Bleubird Studio!