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*Parking all day Monday-Friday 4pm – 8 am, and all day Saturday & Sunday at Quest Connect, located to the right of Bleubird Studio.

Bleubird Studio, located in the historic, downtown Georgetown, Kentucky, is a blended home to all levels and styles of yoga and pilates. The Bleubird Studio community and art gallery will display art from different artists and mediums.

Bleubird Offerings

Bleubird Studio offers many levels of classes in yoga and pilates, as well as weights. With the art studio, we are sure you will find something to your liking at our boutique studio. 


All Levels

Bleubird offers many styles and many levels of yoga all week long!

Art Studio

Bleubird wants to bring art to you. Local artists will be feautured in the Bleubird Studio for your pleasure. 


Pilates mat classes focused on the core choreographed to pop music. An uplifting and lively class. A great way to have fun in your workout!

Full Package

Bleubird also offers classes for those who like a little challenge with weights. 

Treat Yourself

Relax. Enjoy.

About us

My hopes for Bleubird Studio is to be a “Bleubird Community” with like-minded, strong people who build a bond through enduring life… whether that be happiness, loss, doubts, success or failures. Good communities lift each other up during all kinds of times, including the trying times where we have to reach deep for the strength within ourselves and our tribes to find our way out.

– Jane Drake Hale

Bleubird Blog

Horses In A Colorful World

Meet Nancy Hall and Dawna Scripps, both bringing joy with their art through the “Horses in a Colorful World” show.

Lana Learns A Life-Long Desire

As an educator, Lana Yeary has always embraced the life-long desire to learn. Having picked up a digital camera after retirement she held tight to the mantra that you are “never too old to learn something new.” Starting with landscapes she began to hone her...

Welcome Debbie!

Born and raised in the small farming community of Peaks Mill, just outside Frankfort, Ky, As a child, Debbie Howard learned to love the Sunday afternoon drives into unknown backroads. She’ll tell you, it’s the only type of vacation she knew. With a camera in her hand,...

John W. Snell

Lexington-based award-winning photographer John W. Snell is a Kentucky native whose colorful images mostly feature the stunning beauty of Kentucky and Southern Appalachia.  His two books about Red River Gorge, most recently “Red River Gorge, My Second Home,” have been...

Never Stop Learning with Kathy Wood

Never stop learning. This is something Kathy Wood, artist, believes. “I don’t think you ever learn all there is to learn in one medium,” she said. And she seems to learn from different mediums as well. “I watch quite a bit of YouTube, I read books, and I really enjoy...

Susan Caldwell

We have all heard the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. This story is very similar. Susan Caldwell uses pieces that most would throw away to create her art in beautiful arrangements of people. “It is very satisfying in that one of my purposes is to...

Chef Rodney

Be true to yourself. We have all heard this saying, but Chef Rodney truly believes in this. “Just cook your own stuff. I wouldn’t own this restaurant if I hadn’t done something right,” he said. Especially after working under many different chefs, Chef Rodney has found...

Steve’s Journey to Mindfulness

Be mindful of others, so they say as you are growing up. Treat others as you would want to be treated. But what about yourself?  Before one can treat others with kindness, one must learn how to treat themselves with kindness.” Steve said. “Before my first Mindfulness...

Margie Rigney

Ever felt right at home? Right where you’re supposed to be? Well, that is how Margie Rigney feels doing her art right here in Georgetown, Kentucky. And we hope that is how you will feel when you come and view her exhibit at Bleubird Studio located in downtown...

Your Own Practice

Many say yoga is about finding YOUR practice, not about competing with others or even competing with yourself. Yoga is about how you’re feeling at any certain time and practicing in a way that serves you in that moment. And Julia Edmonds’ classes are no different....

Sourdough Pizza Workshop

Sunday, February 23rd at 2 p.m., in the Bleubird Kitchen 

Please call Jane for reservations! 502-642-5125






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Cook & Dine

Sunday, February 5th at 2:00 p.m., in the Bleubird Kitchen 

Please call Jane for reservations! 502-642-5125






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Horses in a Colorful World

Meet the artist!!! November 10, 5:30-8:30p.m.

Hor d'oeurves and Proseco will be served.




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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