*Parking all day Monday-Friday 4pm – 8 am, and all day Saturday & Sunday at Quest Connect, located to the right of Bleubird Studio.

Bleubird Studio, located in the historic, downtown Georgetown, Kentucky, is a blended home to all levels and styles of yoga and pilates. The Bleubird Studio community and art gallery will display art from different artists and mediums.

Bleubird Offerings

Bleubird Studio offers many levels of classes in yoga and pilates, as well as weights. With the art studio, we are sure you will find something to your liking at our boutique studio. 


All Levels

Bleubird offers many styles and many levels of yoga all week long!

Art Studio

Bleubird wants to bring art to you. Local artists will be feautured in the Bleubird Studio for your pleasure. 


Pilates mat classes focused on the core choreographed to pop music. An uplifting and lively class. A great way to have fun in your workout!

Full Package

Bleubird also offers classes for those who like a little challenge with weights. 

Treat Yourself

Relax. Enjoy.

About us

My hopes for Bleubird Studio is to be a “Bleubird Community” with like-minded, strong people who build a bond through enduring life… whether that be happiness, loss, doubts, success or failures. Good communities lift each other up during all kinds of times, including the trying times where we have to reach deep for the strength within ourselves and our tribes to find our way out.

– Jane Drake Hale


March 21

A Movement Based MasterClass

Ever feel like you’re on Auto Pilot? Moving through your asana practice out of habit? Awaken your body, mind & practice! Join Christina and Casey for a self-inquiry driven practice that brings awareness to physical patterns that may no longer serve you. Take this unique opportunity to be seen and guided through fundamental postures that support a life-long practice.

What to expect:

• Redefine the basics

• Identify habits & imbalances

• Find clarity in your movement

This Class will combine modern functional movements with classical yoga asana to find the continuum of anatomical truth in your own practice. All levels welcome and encouraged!

Course counts toward 5 CE Credits with Yoga Alliance

Host for propel women's group

Dates: March 12 & 26

April 9 & 23

May 7 & 21

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm



Bleubird Blog

Your Own Practice

Many say yoga is about finding YOUR practice, not about competing with others or even competing with yourself. Yoga is about how you’re feeling at any certain time and practicing in a way that serves you in that moment. And Julia Edmonds’ classes are no...

A Trace of Art

A Trace of Art: Trace Deaton Creativity has been a part of Trace Deaton's life since he can remember. At five years old Trace wanted to be his big brother, mentor and best friend, Tom, and then the Beatles changed the course of their lives forever when they saw them...

“Beauty for Ashes” Show

Bleubird Studio is bringing a new show, but this time it’s a pairing of two women who have found healing in their art and each other. “Beauty for Ashes” is a show that expresses Anne Leader’s and Annie Brady’s ability to see beauty in imperfection. The ladies take...

Community – YOUR People

I just got home from book club. Guess what the book was about? Community. It seems to be all around me, calling me, building around me. And it seems like the familiar feeling at book club was inclusiveness…or lack thereof. This was a roomful of women LOOKING for...

A Core

If pilates is known for one thing, it is known for increasing the strength of your core muscles, something that is important for personal balance and strength. I see this as a parallel to what Bleubird has to offer to our community… a place to strengthen AS a core...

Scenes of Nature

There is proof out there that simply viewing scenes of nature can reduce anger, fear and stress, and can increase pleasant feelings. Bleubird is my way of connecting with nature, and I hope for you as well. When I sit on the back porch, or walk the perimeter of...

Bleubird Art

Art As A Science It is said that viewing art increases empathy, tolerance and the feeling of love. How powerful is that? How powerful is it to show empathy to others, to not judge others for being different than ourselves, and to feel love in your heart? There isn’t...

Breathing – A Life-force

Breathing. In Sanskrit, “Prana”, meaning, “life-force”. They say, “If you are consciously breathing, you are doing yoga!” It is something we all do without thinking… an involuntary action that we take for granted. We want and need that life-force power of a...

Building A Community

Good communities are built with strength. Strength in numbers, strength in like-mindedness, and strength in confidence among the members. Some of the best communities I have seen are all built around strength of different kinds, and that is something I hope for the...

Feeling Connected

Feeling connected and feeling strong has always been important to me, and what better way to feel connected than to open my home to artists of all kinds? Being so connected to wellness, it only comes natural to want to share this with others. I have always enjoyed...

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